Monday, July 28, 2014

Nam Nam Nam

Our friend, Joshua, is famous for his rice krispy treats (RK's).  And because he's awesome, he usually sets a few extras aside for my little family.  We're lucky.  The other day, we scored some brownie/cookie dough RK's.  Needless to say, Bear approved:

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Deseret News Half Marathon

I signed up to volunteer at the Deseret News Marathon.  The course runs down Emigration, up Foothill, right past our complex, then down South Temple to the parade route to finish at Liberty Park.  Awesome course, but I thought it would be fun to be at an aid station and give back for a change.

Well, a few days ago, my awesome friend, Meridith, got some bad news about her ankle injury, and she needed to back out of the race so she could rest up.  So she took my volunteer spot, and I took her race spot.  I felt so bad for her!

So yesterday I ran my 10th half marathon!  And it turned out to be complete perfection.  I will forever be grateful for the gift that this run turned out to be.  It wasn't even close to my fastest half marathon (I finished in 2:40:59), but it was so memorable and fun for so many reasons.  It was a race that I will always remember.  Very special to me.

I ran the whole race with Joshua, and we really enjoyed ourselves.  We met up with Joycelyn around Mile 7, and it was so good to see her!  Mile 8 was right by my apartment, but unfortunately Nate and the kids weren't out there yet.  I was bummed to not see them, but it was good to see Christy and Meridith!

When we turned down 300 East, we ran along the parade route for about 2 miles to the finish line.  There were so many people!  By then, my calves were cramping up, and Joshua was literally pulling me to the finish line at one point.  It was hot, and I was DONE!  It was a solid training run.

Our medals were awesome. The best part of these races is always the end.  Relaxing in the shade with so many great friends.  Monte got a marathon PR.  Vince and Johnny paced the 4:00 marathon time, and it was amazing to watch them flank this first-time marathon girl to the finish line.  SO emotional.

I have set up a pretty tough training plan to get ready for Nebo.  A few more races until then, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nate, the Triathlete

Nate completed his first sprint triathlon, and I am SO PROUD!  He rocked it.  And he's officially hooked!  I'm excited to not be the only fanatic in the house anymore!

It was a reverse tri, so he started with the run portion (a 5K).  It was really fun for me to be a spectator.  I loved watching the lead guys fly into the transitions.  When he finished the run, he hopped on his bike for 11 miles.  Once again, the lead guys were flying.  Athletes are awesome.

When he finished the bike, he stripped down and ran into the pool.  He's been practicing swimming, but I was still nervous for him!  He was tired!  But he did awesome and finished a whole 6 minutes ahead of his goal time, which is just amazing!  I'm so proud!

He is already signed up for another one in September.  Back-to-back events?  Sounds like someone else I know.....  We're addicted!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Midnight Half Marathon

Oh yeah!  I ran another half marathon the other day!  Well, kind of....

I hadn't planned on running another half until Nebo in September, but Joshua had an extra entry that he was kind enough to beg me to take.  :)  BUT, he didn't switch the shirt size, so lookie what I got: A new dress!

This run was in Davis County, and it started at 10 pm.  At the start, we put on glow sticks and bug repellent.  Joshua and Susette were pacing the 2:30 group, so I decided to stick with them, especially since it was a flat course, and I have NOT been running much since the marathons.  It was nice to not be dead tired as we loaded the bus and hung out at the start.  Usually these things happen at ridiculously early hours in the morning!  Sonja, Susette, Joshua and I had some good laughs on the bus ride to the start.  Let's just say we aren't very impressed with ourselves.  ;)  And....Tim is hilarious.  That is all.

All too soon, it was time to run.  Sometimes I get having so much fun with my friends, that I forget that we actually have to RUN!  It was really hot, and the mosquitoes were already out in full force.  We needed to average about an 11:27 pace for our 2:30 finish time, but about half a mile into it, I knew I was in for a rough run.  I could not get my legs to move.  And my stomach wasn't feeling great.  I decided to keep up with them for a few miles and then let them go.

Well, turns out Joshua wasn't feeling so hot either.  He ended up puking around Mile 3, sad.  He was upset to have to ditch his pacing gig, but I won't lie....I was happy that I'd have a friend to suffer through this run with.  We took it slow, took plenty of walk breaks and just decided to chat and get through it.  We met some cool runners, took our time at aid stations and talked about everything under the sun moon.

We dragged ourselves across the finish line at approximately 1:11 in the morning.  Over 3 hours.  Ugh.  But you know what?  That's okay.  It was a fun night either way!

Sonja waited for us, which was sweet.  We got a kick out of the horribly cheesy medals that had a blinky red light.  SO tacky.  But, we think we did a great job of respecting the power of the blinky light.  Next, we headed to Village Inn to eat a late dinner?  Early breakfast?  Midnight snack!  Mmmm, pancakes.  We chatted for another hour, and then finally headed home.  Joshua wasn't quite finished yet.  He was running ANOTHER half marathon at 6 in a few hours.  A double race weekend, which was just amazing.  He rocks.

I was SO TIRED.  But I only got to go home and sleep for about 2 hours before being up and at 'em to go cheer Nate on at his first triathlon!  That post is coming up next!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


A few more pics from Cam's birthday.  We celebrated by going swimming at the water park and then had a pizza party at the Bounce House.  I think Nate and I had just as much fun as the kids did!

We love our Cameron so much!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cameron's Baptism

Today, Nathan baptized our darling Cameron, confirmed him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost.  What a special day for Cam and our family!

We had so many friends and family come.  As much as I've been wanting a job and a house, I'm SO grateful that we were able to baptize Cam in this ward.  He has lived here since he was 18 months old, and I think it was perfect that we ended our time in the Village with his baptism.

Cameron, we are so proud of you!  Just like Meg said in her talk, you are SO smart and thoughtful.  You are going to do amazing things with your life, especially to further the work of the Lord on the earth.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

We had a fun 4th of July weekend in Glenwood.  Bill, Steve, DeAnn and their families were there.  The cousins all had so much fun together!  July 2014 will forever be known as "the year Daisy ate all the bread".

We did the usual 4-wheeling, horseback riding, BBQ routine.  It never gets old!  I love it down there so much.  I slacked on taking pictures this trip, but Bear sure looked patriotic on Sunday!

We did the Richfield Liberty 5K for the 3rd year in a row.  My dad placed in his age group for about the millionth time, and Natalie placed in hers!  She and Jonathan have turned into awesome runners this past year!